STEAM CUP MALAYSIA is an annual robotics competition organised by Robotclub® Malaysia since year 2012.

The STEAM CUP MALAYSIA (previously called as Games@Robotclub® or STEAM MALAYSIA CUP) is ideally a robotics competition opened to members of e@Robotclub® throughout the Malaysia, as a platform to gather all members for the competency challenge, knowledge improvement, sharing of experience, skills enhancement and enjoyment.

e@Robotclub® is teaching STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) through the use of robotic kits, our objective is to increase the students’ interest in exploring their engineering knowledge through practical courses. All our students are using quality robotics products ‘Made in Korea’ and undergoing the robotics courses at e@Robotclub® Authorised Robotics Learning centres.

This is the 8th time we organised this competition and we hope to make it bigger and more exciting. The rules for each category will be revised every year as we aimed to increase the students’ competency skills from time to time.

From 2018 onwards, all players who join STEAM CUP MALAYSIA will be awarded a certificate of participation with acknowledgement of Minister of Education Malaysia !

  As organiser, we wish to have more participation and make STEAM CUP MALAYSIA a successful robotics event annually.  

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The General rules



Click Here to check the general rules of 10TH STEAM CUP MALAYSIA 2018.

The Categories


Creative Robot
Healthcare Robots

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Autonomous SmartBot
Junior & Senior

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Autonomous CarrierBot
Junior & Senior

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Robot Fighter
Junior & Senior

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Bug Sumo
Junior & Senior

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  •  Date

    25th, November 2018 (Sunday)

  •  Time

    8.00am to 5.00pm

  •  Registration Due Date

    29th, October 2018 (Monday)

  • If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us at our Facebook page.
  •  Venue


Registration is closed